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St. Agnes Parish Crucifix Post # 4

Posted on 04/27/14 No Comments

          After a few days I have a lot accomplished. I had a lot of stress with the head. Getting it in the right place and the right angle. I spent two days slowly roughing out the face. I got tired of doing the head area and decided as a good carver should […]

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St. Agnes Parish Crucifix Post #3

Posted on 04/25/14 2 Comments

I made a bracket out of 2 X 4 to attach the basswood to my carving bench. I got four bags of sand form Canadian Tire and two of my 35 pound dumbbells to weigh down the bench so it will not start moving around or even worse tipping over. Now that I made those cuts with […]

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St Agnes Parish Crucifix Post #2

Posted on 04/24/14 No Comments

        I usually draw my profiles on the wood and head over to the band saw and start cutting. However this will not work with this carving due to the size. So after I drew the profile on the wood I used the hand saw and made many cuts to the profile […]

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St. Agnes Parich Crucifix Post #1

Posted on 04/22/14 No Comments

St Agnes Parish Crucifix I have been given this great opportunity to carve a crucifix for St. Agnes Parish in Chatham. This is the largest carving I have ever attempted. Jesus is 50 inches tall. I was lucky to find two pieces of Basswood big enough to lesson the amount of glue lines. I still had to add […]

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