St. Agnes Parish Crucifix Post # 4

Posted on 04/27/14 No Comments

IMG_2999 (427x640)






After a few days I have a lot accomplished. I had a lot of stress with the head. Getting it in the right place and the right angle. I spent two days slowly roughing out the face. I got tired of doing the head area and decided as a good carver should move on and work on the rest of the body. The body is still very boxy and bulky. Slowly I will get there.

I have to have the carving finished for September. I didn’t know how long such a large carving would take me so I am glad I have a few months. I am keeping track of my time in the studio. So I am quite curious how many hours this will take.

Some of you might think I have a lot done, but this was the roughing out. Now comes the slower part of the process.

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