St. Agnes Crucifix Post #12

Posted on 01/22/15 1 Comment

IMG_3657 (463x640) IMG_3659 (321x640) IMG_3661 (424x640)

I have been busy working on the legs for the past few weeks. I am a lot further ahead on the left leg than the right. I have my carving bench up as high as it will go, but I am kneeling and bent over a lot. I am constantly looking at my artistic anatomy books as reference to figure out the leg muscles.

The right leg is much more challenging because the right foot goes underneath the left foot. I slowly have to carve away the wood. Constantly checking my dimensions and the location of the ankle etc…

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  1. Johan & Carine says:
    Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 2:17am

    Hi Andy, again, a very nice job you did. It is amazing how you manage !
    Carine & Johan Doom (Belgium)


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