St. Agnes Crucifix Post #10

Posted on 11/28/14 No Comments

This afternoon I am starting back to work on the crucifix. It has been many months since I have worked on it. To tell you the truth I am having a hard time to get motivated to work on it. I use to be on the building and grounds committee and it was exciting to be involved in the planning of the renovations. But there where problems with the committee and the Building and Grounds Committee was disbanded, and a few months later a new one was formed with all new people. So I was told to proceed with the crucifix but from what I read in the bulletin it seems like the Diocese is making us start from scratch again as far as the process to renovate the church.

So like I said my motivation is not there but there are other projects I would like to work on so I need to finish the crucifix first. So hopefully as I start, my creativity and motivation will change and I will enjoy working on the carving again.

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