St. Agnes Parish Crucifix Post # 8

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IMG_3023 (640x427) IMG_3024 (376x640) IMG_3025 (473x640)

I did it!! After a lot of stress and praying and more praying( I wonder if there is a Saint for woodcarvers). I got the arm attached. I have never done this before. I have accidently broken pieces of my wood carvings over the years and had to glue them back on but nothing to this scale.

As you can see in the middle picture the legs need a lot of work and looking at the last picture the back of the head needs a lot of wood removed.

I find working on the back of the crucifix quite challenging. I know no one is going to look at it from behind, however to get the overall look right. I need to get it done to a point. So I will have to come up with a new bracket to hold the crucifix 90 degrees to where it is now, but that will happen when the carving is further along.

Next is the right arm. I have not carved it yet. I wanted to see how the left arm worked out first.

Hopefully soon I will have my next post with both arms on.

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