New carving in progress

Posted on 03/01/11 No Comments

After a long absents I am finally getting my act together and carving again. I have been working on this carving on and off for a few months and I am eager to finish it. I am starting to feel at home in the new studio. I have some little projects to do to make things easier such as finding a way to store my gouges and knives on the wall so I just need to look for the tool I need instead of looking through my carving tool rolls or looking through a bunch of tools on the bench and they will stay a little sharper if I have them better organized and hanging on the wall.

I also stopped exercising a few months back and gained 25 pounds so I joined a new gym and my goal is to lose the weight before summer. I have a routine now were I carve till 2 pm then go to the gym.


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